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"SANGO" means "Coral Leaf in the sea".

"MIYA" means shrines and temples.

In the oldest existing record of Japanese history, "KOJIKI",

there are many strong beautiful princesses, like Amaterasu,

princess-Inada, princess-Miyazu, empress-Jingu, and so on.

MIYANOMAI express their stories through moves and songs.

So you can feel as if you had been transported through the time!

~ Message ~

Japanese history is the longest all over the world

and very important thing for our country.

So we have to keep alive these histories and cultures for future.

The children feel happy to hear that.

We want all children to be happy and have proud of our country.

And then, until today, we contributed MIYANOMAI to

shrines and temples, like HACHIMANGU,TOSHOGU and so on.

Please check our video on Youtube!

If you ask, please make inquiries using the request form. 


Thank you 🌸

By Yaegaki (mom) & Kana (daughter)

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